Manassas, Va: D-STAR Instruments, a manufacturer of quality instruments for the analytical instrument industry introduces the world's lowest priced, totally integrated, isocratic HPLC system, the DLC-10 series chromatograph.

The instruments, available for both industrial and bio-compatible applications comes equipped with a high pressure isocratic pump, PEEK injector valve, and bio-compatible, fixed wavelength UV-VIS detector. The pump's PEEK construction permits its use for biochemical applications.

The DLC-10's low cost is well suited for the chemistry education, secondary schools or undergraduate college level markets. In addition, the unit can be used for routine industrial process and quality control. Further, its small footprint is a space saver in any laboratory. Its light weight permits its portability for applications outside the laboratory.

The built-in detector comes standard with a 254nm lamp; other wavelengths and light sources are optional. The instrument can be ordered as a 280nm unit at a minor increase in price.

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