The newest addition to the BAS Bee line of products for in vivo microdialysis is the HoneyComb fraction collector. This compact device (20 x 35cm) refrigerates 48 sample vials at a preset temperature of 3 C. Cooling is accomplished by an efficient internal electronic device which requires no fluid coolants or external accessories and reaches the preset temperature with in 30 minutes after powerup. Simple fraction collection protocols are set via the front panel LCD display and keypad. Protocols may include a preset delay time, collection interval, number of samples and cooling on/off. The fraction collector may also be controlled via rear panel input when more complex protocols, such as variable time collection are required.

Due to the open architecture of the fraction collector, sample vials may be removed and replaced while fraction collection is taking place, so there is no limit to the number of fractions that can be collected once a method has begun. The carousel is removable and serves as a storage rack for vials. Microdialysis samples of 5 uL can be collected at a flow rate of 2 uL/min with an RSD of 2%. Post- column samples up to 150 uL can be collected from a microbore LC at flow rates up to 125 uL/min at an RSD of 1%. Vials may be capped and sealed to prevent evaporative loss.

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