New Catalog- Handbook Featuring SignalScreen(TM) Cloned Receptors and Gene to Screen(TM) Custom Services

BioSignal, the leading supplier of cloned receptors and custom cloning services, has published a 54- page catalog that also serves as a handbook for the use of clone receptors. The catalog- handbook includes scientific background, technical and application information, as well as properties and pharmacology on 13 families of BioSignal's SignalScreen(TM) Clone Receptors. Nearly 60 ready - to -use cloned receptors are featured. Eighty- five percent of the products are of human origin and are produced using either mammalian or baculovirus expression systems. The catalog discusses BioSignal's intensive quality assurance program, in which each cloned receptor is tested at the gene and protein levels to ensure authenticity and functionality. A section title " About G Protein- Coupled Receptors" provides scientific information on the value of cloned receptors as targets for the therapeutic drugs that can modify physiological and pathological processes. In addition, the catalog describes BioSignal's modular Gene to Screen(TM) Custom Cloning Services, which include the cloning , expressing , producing and quality assuring targets to customer's specifications.

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