Sometimes, a better climate brings you more than good spirits!

All HPLC separations run better in an optimized climate and sometimes they won't even run without. Many chiral separations require sub-ambient temperatures for sufficient resolution and many ion-exchange separations are efficient only at elevated temperatures. Every separation is a function of temperature and stable retention times can only be guaranteed if the column temperature is not influenced by ambient temperature fluctuations. Obviously, temperature control will also help to comply with GLP requirements. Column back-pressure reduction may be needed if you want to speed up your HPLC analysis and a simple increase in temperature will do the job. The Mistral column thermostat offers precise and stable temperature control ranging from 5 oC up to 90 oC to bring even your most demanding separation under control. The forced-air concept allows easy access to the column(s) and offers maximum flexibility with respect to column dimensions. So, remember Mistral, when your column needs a change of climate.

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