SGE now offer comprehensive range of packed and empty GLT(TM)1mm and 0.5mm ID HPLC columns specifically for Microbore HPLCtechnology.

SGE Microbore HPLC columns offer maximum efficiency,reproducibility and functionality by incorporating a zero deadvolume design with the ideal features of glass lined tubing(GLT(TM)) and fused silica lined connecting tubing (PEEKsil(TM)).

A variety of popular brands of packing material are availableas well as the necessary packing kits. In addition each columnis supplied with suitable PEEKsil(TM) tubing, nuts and ferrules.

For additional information contact:
SGE International Pty. Ltd.
7 Argent Place
Ringwood 3134 VIC
Tel. 61(03)-9874-6333
Fax. 61(03)-9874-5672
e-mail: info@sge.com.au

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