Sample Master Pro Provides the Total LIMS Solution

Accelerated Technology Laboratories is introducing Sample MasterTM Pro to its line of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Sample MasterTM Pro is a true client/server LIMS utilizing either Microsoft SQL ServerTM or ORACLETM on the server and Microsoft Access on the client.

This makes Sample MasterTM the first LIMS that can be used in both small and large environments. For example, it allows the laboratory to migrate from Sample MasterTM (using an Access"back-end") to the database power of a SQL database in Sample MasterTM Pro without the hassle of or modifications to screens, reports, data, etc.

Both Sample MasterTM and Sample MasterTM Pro utilize the same user interface and data structure. This means that the Microsoft Access back-end can be installed at smaller or satellite laboratory and an SQL back-end can be used at larger or central laboratories. Data exchange between the laboratories is transparent and users do not have to be retrained since the front-ends are identical.

Since Sample MasterTM Pro utilizes Microsoft Access for the "front-end", modifications are simple and fully integrated with Microsoft Office. When Microsoft SQL Server is selected as the "back-end", Sample MasterTM Pro is fully integrated with Microsoft Back Office.

For additional information contact:
Joerg Baier
Accelerated Technology Laboratories Inc.
Tel. 415-594-9370
Fax. 415-594-9380
Belmont, CA 94002

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