Justice Innovations has published an 8-page color brochure describing Version 3 of the Chrom Perfect for Windows chromatography data system, which acquires, analyzes, and reports data from GC's, LC's, and CE's from any manufacturer. Chrom Perfect Version 3.0 runs under Window 3, 3.11, and Windows 95, with a special client-server version running under Windows NT. Chrom Perfect supports up to 16 chromatographs per PC on independent time bases and provides users with a choice of three data acquisition methods: 1) Justice Innovations' high resolution A/D cards, 2) up to 15 PE-Nelson 700 or 900 series interfaces, or 3) direct digital data from up to 8 HP5890 GC's. The publication discusses the data system's many features, including HP5890/7673 instrument control, SEC/GPC software, graphical method editing, highly reliable integration and calibration algorithms, extensive plotting options, flexible report generation, complete GLP documentation, and networking capabilities. Numerous plots and reports generated by the software are included in the brochure.

For additional information contact:
Ann Justice
Justice Innovations
1240 L'Avenida Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel. 415-969-6122
Fax. 415-969-6140
Web site: http://justice

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