Cherwell Scientific announces the release of version 3.0 of ModelMaker, the simulation modeling software for Windows, which is now available for Windows 95 and Windows NT. This new version includes powerful model development tools, such as sub- models and arrays of components and more model analysis capabilities, such as optimization using multiple datasets, and Simplex and Marquardt optimization.

The use of numerical simulation models is one of the most powerful methods for analyzing and understanding almost any type of process. ModelMaker lets users design experiments, demonstrate concepts, visualize complex systems and test the effects of change in ways that are impossible with spreadsheets and flowcharts.

ModelMaker users work in many areas of research, education, medicine, engineering and business. ModelMaker brings a simple visual solution to the production of even the most complex systems and removes computing and mathematical difficulties associated with constructing and analyzing models. ModelMaker leads the competitors with its valuable range of model analysis tools including optimization, confidence interval calculation and sensitivity analysis.

New features in ModelMaker version 3.0 include:

Model Analysis

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