New DAQ Instruments(TM) Line Integrates Functionality of Stand- Alone Instruments with Scalability and Flexibility of PC-based Virtual Instruments.

National Instruments has announced the first six products in its DAQ Instruments family of PCI, ISA, and PCMCIA interfaces that turn your PC into a highly capable instrument. DAQ Instruments combine stand- alone instrument quality and measurement capabilities with the flexibility and scalability inherent in PC-based DAQ solutions. The DAQScope(TM), DAQMeter(TM) and DAQArb(TM), which are compatible with Windows NT/95/3.1 PCs, deliver features comparable to stand-alone oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, and function and arbitrary waveform generators, respectively. These DAQ instruments include the VirtualBench(TM)-Scope, VirtualBench-DMM, or VirtualBench-Arb turnkey virtual instruments, respectively, and work with a variety of application software packages, including LabVIEW(R) and LabWindows(R)/CVI. Instrument Drivers are available for use with C/C++ and Visual Basic.

The DAQ Instruments are a natural extension to the company's existing DAQ hardware used for building virtual instruments. Users can quickly and easily integrate the DAQ Instruments into existing systems that use National Instruments DAQ hardware and software as well as stand-alone instrumentation.

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