Chemical Inventory and MSDS Information System

The #1 Chemical Inventory Sysyem Just Got Better!
Now you can manage your Chemical Inventory and MSDS information together!

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Chemical Inventory System (CIS™) was specifically designed for tracking chemicals and laboratory supplies!

CIS™ keeps track of chemical names, CAS numbers, and formulas, as well as vendor and catalog numbers, storage locations, and quantities of two defined container sizes (e.g. bottles and cases). Hazard information can be stored for each chemical for easy retrieval. CIS™ utilizes the NFPA Hazard Rating for classifying chemicals and automatically sorts chemical names the way chemists and chemical manufacturers do!
Chemicals and supplies can be sorted by name, CAS number, description, vendor, location, or formula. The program has complete import and export capability and includes the capability to print bar-codes for labeling chemical and supply containers. Full network support is available for the multi-user version!

Together with CIS™, the MSDS Digital File Cabinet™ keeps track of all your MSDS information needs!

MSDS Digital File Cabinet™ is the most cost effective solution to MSDS information management! With DFC you can easily scan, import, store, search, track, view, print and fax MSDS forms and all related documents. DFC enables you to use graphics and text files received from virtually any source, including scanners, faxes, modem keyboards or another program! DFC is designed to work seamlessly with Chemical Inventory System. Store an unlimited number of support documents associated with each chemical in your inventory! (Requires Windows 3.1, 95 or NT)

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