EZChrom Elite™ Chromatography Data System

EZChrom Elite™ is Released!!

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March 15, 1997--Scientific Software, Inc. proudly announces the release of the next generation of chromatography data systems. EZChrom Elite™. This new product is now shipping to customers.

EZChrom Elite™ represents over ten man-years of programming efforts bringing to market the latest technology in chromatography software. EZChrom Elite™ is a real 32-bit program, running in the Windows NT & 95 platforms. This is not an upgrade of any current package, but a brand new product, with all new software programming code, architecture and features only available with true 32-bit programs. This leading-edge technology cannot be found in another chromatography data system today.

Scientific Software, Inc. distributes chromatography system software for over two dozen instrument manufacturers in the scientific market worldwide, making us the world leader and experts in chromatography system software, and establishing EZChrom™ products as the industry standard for chromatography data systems.


EZChrom Chromatography Data System

EZChrom is a PC-based data system that provides powerful features in a package designed for chromatographers to use with a minimum of effort. Create methods, design custom reports, view calibration curves, acquire and process data, create and run batch sequences from a single window.

EZChrom Elite Chromatography Data System

Building upon the years of experience and features in the EZChrom System, EZChrom Elite now adds the advantage of unlimited workstations, Plug & Play hardware setup, long filename support, and improved reliability are included in the latest technology, 32-bit Windows 95/NT package.

SS420 Instrument Interface

The SS420 Instrument Interface is a high resolution microprocessor-controlled data acquisition board designed for chromatography and spectroscopy applications. Four A/D converters provide full 20-bit resolution throughout the sampling frequency range for up to four independent chromatographs.

Chromatography System Validation Package

The Chromatography System Validation Package includes the SS120C Chromatogram Generator, the Virtual Peak Generator Software, and the Chromatogram Testing Kit. This package provides the tools you need for the validation of your chromatography data system or integrator.

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