Molecular Imaging (MI) manufactures microscopes and accessories for scanning probe microscopy. The PicoSPM series (Atomic force and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes) are compatible with other vendors' controllers (Digital Instruments, Park Scientific, RHK and Topometrix). The microscopes are designed for imaging interfaces (solid/liquid or solid/gas) under controlled conditions.

  1. Controlled environment: Samples can be prepared, loaded and imaged at controlled environment in either gas or solution media.
  2. Controlled temperature: Imaging at controlled temperatures ranging from -30C to 1170C
  3. Electrochemical control: The liquid cell design is easy to assemble and facilities imaging under wide variety of conditions including harsh environments with and without electrochemical control.

All these controlled conditions options may be combined while imaging, for example one can obtain images under electrochemical and environmental control.

A new imaging mode: Magnetic A/C allows high resolution in-situ imaging of delicate samples. For more information please refer to: or call 1-800-819-2519.

Molecular Imaging
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