Miniature High Pressure Residual Gas Analysis System

Miniature high pressure (up to 10 mtorr) residual gas analysis system takes advantage of breakthrough technology - quadrupole array mass spectrometer. This unique device has the features of miniature design, high pressure operation, low cost disposable pretuned analyzer heads, interchangeable components, and a selection of mass ranges from 2-65AMU, 2- 100AMU, and 2-200AMU. Several Micropole systems can be networked via built in RS485 communication (up to 31 address locations) for simultaneous operation from one computer. Advanced Windows software WinMPA, has easy to use graphic interface and a range of data storage and display options. Resolution of the Micropole is as good as < 1 AMU.

The Micropole can be used by itself in process applications where the vacuum levels in the 10EXP-2 torr range and below, or used in our miniature turbo pumped sampling system package (SSM) which features a 13x8x8(inches) footprint, closed loop linear control valve inlet system with capacitance manometer, durable 70 L/s Varian Turbomolecular drag pump, and associated hardward and electronics.

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