Have you ever spent hours troubleshooting poor reproducibility, only to discover it was caused by dislodged or misaligned quartz wool in your injection port liner? Or even worse never finding the cause and continuing to suffer from less than average results.

SGE has overcome this problem with the new FocusLinersTM . The FocusLinersTM ensures that the wool is held in posiiton with a unique tapering of the glass above and below it. The result is effective needle tip wiping and complete sample vaporisation. Now it is possible to routinely achieve RSDs of 0.5% or better!

SGE has designed instrument specific FocusLinersTM to suit Hewlett Packard, Shimadzu, Varian and Perkin Elmer GC's.

For additional information contact:
SGE International Pty. Ltd.
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Tel. 61(03)-9874-6333
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