A brochure available from J E Meinhard Associates Inc. describes the MEINHARD(R) concentric glass nebulizer, its geometries and specifications of various standard models. In 1973 J E Meinhard Associates, Inc. provided the first glass concentric nebulizer for ICP-AES and have been defining the standard in glass concentric nebulizers since. Included are descriptions and specifications of special application nebulizers for coupling LC and HPLC with ICP. The High Efficiency Nebulizer (HEN) for use at low liquid flow rates from 10 to 1200 uL/min are described. The brochure also contains descriptions of fittings kits that allows easy connection for gas and liquid inputs. We also distribute the complete line of SPETEC peristaltic pumps, the PERIMAX, in north America.

J E Meinhard Associates Inc.
1900-J East Warner Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA
Tel: 714-250-3332
Fax: 714-250-3991

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