Automation for Supercritical Fluid Extractions and Reactions

The SFT-1000 is a fully automated system designed to perform extractions and run reactions in a supercritical fluid media. The modular design of the SFT-1000 makes it easy and cost effective to alter the system's basic configuration, adapting it to meet new or evolving needs of the user.

At the heart of the SFT-1000 is a stainless steel vessel capable of containing supercritical fluids at pressures approaching 10,000 psi ( 680 atmospheres). The FT-1000 is unique in its ability to accommodate a pressure vessel of up to 4 liters capacity. The large vessel enables you to extract very low levels of key components from materials or process larger amounts of bulk material than would be possible with conventional, analytical scale SF equipment. Additionally, the SFT-1000 may be configured with multiple vessels which may be operated simultaneously. All vessels are easily interchangeable and can be readily installed by the user.

The SFT-1000 incorporates high performance, pneumatic air driven pump which can rapidly produce the high pressures required for supercritical fluid work. A 11,500 psi. rupture disk provides mechanical protection against accidental over pressurization. Coded alarms control the safe operation of this system through the system's PLC software. Front panels allow easy access to the pressure vessel, valves, fittings, and electronics. Air actuated valves provide long term, maintenance free performance.

The extract collection assembly, comprised of either a solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge or a solvent filled vessels, is mounted outside the main cabinet. This provides immediate access for the user and simplifies the interfacing of the SFT-1000 to other instrumentation such as an HPLC or Mass Spectrometer. Configuration options add the capability to cryo-cool and back flush the extract collection assembly with either solvent or supercritical fluid.

A robust, variable restrictor valve, patent pending provides precise control over flow rates, which is essential in obtaining highly reproducible results from run to run. Flow rates can range from 1 ml/min to 100 ml/ min of liquid CO2. While carbon dioxide is the most commonly used, SFT-1000 allows the user the flexibility to work with variety of supercritical fluids.

The SFT-1000 is controlled by a built in PLC microprocessor. This processor controls cosolvent addition, pumping rates, pressures, temperature zones, and valve actuation. It is capable of storing up to 20 user defined method programs. It is even possible to modify a method while the system is running. A bi-directional RS232C interface permits data and methods to be transferred to and from an external PC computer.

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