Environmental Sampling Supply, Inc. (ESS), the company that introduced PrePreservedTM sample containers to the Analytical and Environmental Industries, now offers Field Preservative DropuleTM Bottles. The 15mL HDPE bottle is equipped with a precise dropper cap allowing for accurate dispensing of chemical presevatives. The leak-proof seal and convenient size make the DropuleTM ideal for preserving environmental samples in the field.

The twelve pack of DropuleTM Bottles are available in a variety of lot traccable analytical grade chemicals with color coded closures including: HC1, HNO3, H2SO4, NaOH, Na2S2O3, ZN(CH2COO)2 and a NaOH mixture. The DropuleTM Bottles are also available without preservatives or with a six slot TUFF- TAINERTM for added convenience. DropuleTM Bottles are ready for next day delivery and drop shipments to field sampling sites.

For additional information contact:
Christopher Mullen
Environmental Sampling Supply
9601 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA 94603-2322
Tel. 510-562-4988 or 800-233-8425
Fax. 510-562-4987

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