The KOMPspin(TM) KA-9.1000 centrifuge rotor spins four liter samples at 15,000xg. This unique rotor is designed to fit existing High/Super Speed floor model centrifuges to be used in the research laboratories. The KA-9.1000 rotor shown is the largest volume rotor of its kind, yet weighs only 18 lbs. is approximately 35% lighter than the largest available metal rotor and will pellet approximately 60% more particulate material from cell cultures. The rotor is manufactured from composite carbon-fiber material instead of metal.

It is autoclavable and will not corrode when laboratory solutions are used in it. The 15,000xg forces are required for harvesting protein precipitates, bacteria and cells from fermentation systems, hybridoma and liposome lipid vectors for drug delivery systems.

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