The affordable and dependable Arctic Temp Freezers are available exclusively through Midwest Scientific. Our -25 oC models range in size from 23 to 72 cu. ft. and include 1, 2, or 3 doors. White anodized aluminum interiors and stainless steel floors make cleaning quick and effortless. A foamed-in-place polyurethane high density cell insulation insures stable and uniform cooling. A self-contained system (no plumbing required), casters and locks are just a few more of the features which make the Arctic Temp -25 oC series the most convenient and long-lasting freezer you'll ever need for your lab.

Our -85 oC models include a voltage safety system and a warning light to indicate a clogged condenser. Sizes range from 3-30 cu. ft. and all models include a pre-filter placed in front of the air cooled condenser. This unique arrangement reduces energy usage and saves money. Each unit includes a digital temperature control for precise cooling requirements. All Arctic Temp freezers are available with inventory systems as an optional accessory.

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