The Isco-Suprex SFX 3560DM Dual Mode Extractor now provides food, polymer, and environmental chemists with two automated extraction techniques in one powerful instrument. The SFX 3560DM performs unattended, sequential extraction and collection of up to 24 samples, using bar-coded 10ml sample cartridges. Software-selectable modes for SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) and ESE (Enhanced Solvent Extraction) let you choose the best method for a wide range of samples and analytical requirements.

In ESE Mode, the SFX 3560DM provides fast, exhaustive extraction of solid matrices by using traditional organic solvents at elevated pressures and temperatures. Compared to Soxhlet and sonication, solvent volumes are reduced and kinetics are enhanced by extracting at higher temperature while increasing pressure to keep the solvent below its boiling point. The ESE extraction mode meets the requirements of U.S. EPA Method 3545 for extractable organics on the RCRA target analyte list.

In SFE Mode, the SFX 3560DM extracts samples using safe, inexpensive carbon dioxide. Above its critical temperature and pressure (31 C and 1050 psi) CO2 exhibits gas-like viscosity and liquid-like solvating properties, and is an ideal solvent for rapid, selective extraction of many non-polar analytes. SFE official methods include EPA Methods 3560 and 3561 for pollutants in soil, and AOCS Method Am3-96 for Oil in Oilseeds.

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