PPC2+ Pressure Controller/Calibrator

PPC2+ offers up to six pressure ranges between vacuum and 1 500 psi in a single controller. Specifications include + 0.001% control precision and + 0.01% delivered pressure accuracy of each range with a min/max range ratio of up to 30:1. Typical pressure setting time is less than 30 seconds and control adapts automatically to colume changes. Full feature, function driven front panel interface with programmable calibration sequences. RS-232C and IEEE-488.2 remote communications. For additional information contact:
DH Instruments, Inc.
1905 W. Third St.
Tempe, AZ 85281-2490
Tel: (602) 967-1555
Fax: (602) 968-3574
e-mail: ŭdhi@dhctx.com

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