New Endurance Autosampler for LC-MS and HPLC
Jones Chromatography Inc. introduces the new Endurance Autosampler for LC-MS and HPLC. The Endurance processes virtually any well plate type (e.g. deep well, PCR well, 384-well) in addition to standard autosampler vials or micro vials. The accuracy of the Endurance syringe drive (0.004uL resolution) coupled with Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration (PASA TM) provides precision >0.5% RSD even down to 5uL  injections. A dual concentric needle system of Endurance further enables robust piercing of any well or vial seal. RS232 computer interface allows for PC control  as well as communication with other instrumentation. The Endurance offers complex reagent addition and mixing routines to automate pre-column derivatizations, dilutions and pH changes. The Endurance is also available with cooling and tray feeding options allowing up to six 96-well plates to be analyzed unattended.
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