FALCON-FT Fuel & Lubricant Analysis
MIDAC announces the new FALCON-FT (Fuel And Lubricant CONdition by Fourier-Transform infrared technology) analytical instrument designed to rapidly monitor the oil and lubricant condition in transport vehicles and large stationary machinery. This instrument is the first truly portable instrument of its type that can provide industry standard analysis for oils and lubricants.
The FALCON-FT can monitor the degradation of fresh oils and lubricants in machinery and engines. The instrument can provide analysis results for water, soot, glycol, nitration, sulfation, additive depletion, oxidation, and custom applications.
The FALCON-FT will be used for on-site, field, and laboratory analysis. The portability (battery operated), ruggedness, and low weight (less than 30 pounds) are attractive features for users who need to perform oil and lubricant analysis near the equipment/machinery. Substantial savings will be realized because the oil/lubricant is measured on-site with immediate results, instead of shipping to testing laboratories with delayed results.
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