The Model JPS-330 Curie Point Pyrolyzer with sampler represents the state-of-the-art in automated pyrolysis GC system for the analysis of polymers and other nonvolatiles by GC. Up to twenty (20) samples can be analyzed automatically. The heart of the system is in the PYROFOIL in which the sample is heated and pyrolyzed. Twenty different PYROFOILs, a series of ferromagnetic alloys, are available with the system with temperature range from 160 C to 1040 C. Since each ferromagnetic alloy has a precise Curie Point temperature the results obtained with the system is always reproducible. Due to the low mass, the equilibrium temperature is reached in less than 0.2 sec. The pyrolyzer can be directly interfaced with any commercial gas chromatographs.

JPS-330 can be used in the quality control laboratories as well as R & D laboratories in the field of polymer chemistry, rubber chemistry, biotechnology and other fields related to macromolecules. The system is also used extensively in the forensic laboratories.

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