Fremont, Calif., February 22, 1996 - Linear Laboratories recently expanded its line of non-contact infrared thermometers to include a low-cost, pocket-size temperature sensor - quick Temp(TM). This hand-held, battery-operated device can safely and accurately measure the temperature of moving objects, dangerous material and electrical components usually found in plant maintenance, industrial, or testing environments.

All materials emit measurable infrared energy. The quick TEMP uses special optics to gather infrared energy from a target surface and focuses this energy onto a custom detector. At that point, the detector will convert the infrared energy into an electrical signal proportionate to the temperature of the target surface.

"Because it measures temperature without physically touching objects, our infrared sensor offers significant advantages over contact thermometers," Foley said. "Any contamination due to touch is eliminated -- a most important advantage; measurement speed is faster; and repeatability is much greater."

The quick TEMP(TM) sensor has no moving parts for simple one-hand operation. The sensor's plastic case is rugged and moisture- resistant for operation in any environment.

The infrared sensor operates at a temperature range of 0 F to 600 F (-18 C to 315 C) with +- 2% accuracy of reading. The quick TEMP(TM) has a response time of 1 second and offers a 6-second temperature hold for viewing convenience. The distance to target ratio is 3:1, with a 1- inch minimum target required.

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