The new TC-100 Titration Calorimeter has been specifically designed for quickly determining the reactivity of two chemicals. Use it to help satisfy DOT requirements for shipping chemicals. Use it for a quick determination of reactivity between chemicals during process development. Use it to mix any two chemicals and get the heat of reaction. The TC-100 is easy to use, has small sample requirements, and a quick response for maximum productivity.

The TC-100 is compact and does not use a water bath as other titration calorimeters do. Changing temperature is easily done.

The TC-100 makes use of standard 1 cc chromatography auto injector sample vials. One of the components is placed in a vial which is then sealed with a septum. A syringe is loaded with the second component and mounted on the dispensing rack. The sample vial is placed in the calorimeter and the dispensing rack lowered. As the rack is lowered the syringe and stirrer guide pierce the septum. Aliquots of reagent are then automatically injected and the resulting heat recorded. All experimental parameters are entered into the software and the experiment is carried out automatically by the TC- 100.

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