Anatel's new A-2000 Wide Range TOC Analyzer provides laboratory chemists with superior value and performance, accurately and precisely measuring TOC from 4 ppb to 1000 ppm more quickly than any technology has ever allowed. Relying on a proven, time-tested analysis technique, Standard Method 5310C, the A-2000 is ideally suited for environmental monitoring of all potable and reagent grade water. It uses standard reagents that are conveniently packaged and available from Anatel or from your favorite chemical supply house. The A-2000's outstanding, full-featured design includes: automatic validation; pre-programmed calibration; a built-in diskette drive for easy data storage; a high-efficiency reactor that ensures complete and rapid oxidation of all organics for accurate, timely results; a large, easy-to-see color LCD display; user-friendly menu-driven software; built-in automatic self-diagnostics to ensure proper operation; and complete, detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). The optional autosampler also provides superior performance in the laboratory with EPA septum-capped vials and an automatic needle-rinsing feature that prevents sample carrover effects.

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