FDP Surface Analysis System

AST Products Inc. Introduces the VCA-4000TM FPD Surface Analysis System

AST Products, Inc. is proud to introduce the VCA-4000 FPD Surface Analysis System as the latest addition to the VCA product line. AST Products has been a prominent force in the advancement of accurate, reliable and user friendly surface analysis equipment by developing computerized contact angle systems. This system has been designed specifically for characterizing various surfaces in the Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry.

Contact angle measurements have proven to be essential in a number of flat panel display applications throughout the processing cycle. Some of the applications include determining the cleanliness of flat panel displays prior to processing, coating assessment of critical priming HMDS processing, surface preparation before photoresist, and as a quality control tool at other stages of processing. Measurements are made by computer eliminating the operator subjectivity present in optical contact angle systems. This allows the user to gain valuable information that is accurate and repeatable in a timely manner, increasing overall product yield by locating defects early in the process.

The VCA-4000 has been custom designed to handle flat panels up to 365 mm x 470 mm and 1.10 mm in thickness. Powered by a PentiumTM processor, the system operates in a Windows 95TM environment. In operation, the panel is positioned onto a large x-y stage, which the operator moves into desired position. A droplet is dispensed under computer control for precise droplet sizing and is released onto the substrate manually. A high magnification lens and fiber optic light source allow the droplet to be profiled and the proprietary software aytomatically calculates the contact angle. Data and images can be stored and printed for future reference and analysis.

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