High Pressure Diamond Optics, Inc. has been manufacturing diamond anvil cells for over thirty years. These sample holders are accessories designed for use with infrared microscopes and spectrophotometers. Although the design varies in each instrument, all are composed of metallic bodies and each has a pair of opposed diamond anvils. One advantage of the diamond anvil cell is the ease of use. Only a micro-sized sample is needed and no prior sample preparation is necessary. There is no subsequent destruction of the sample, so countless testing may be done. The cell can compress samples such as paint chips, fibers, polymers, drugs and pharmaceutics, and minerals. High Pressure Diamond Optics makes instruments for use in infrared studies, pressure studies, ultra high pressure studies, measuring Brillouin and Raman spectra, single crystal X-ray diffraction work, or magnetic work. These diamond anvil cells are utilized worldwide in a broad range of scientific applications in private, industrial, forensic, and university research labs.

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