The McPherson (TM) model 750 HPLC PLUS fluorescence detector is the most versatile analytical fluorometer available. Numerous accessory options and custom capabilities exist for sources, monochromator optics and configurations, flow cells, and sample holders. McPherson supplies fluorescence flow cells for low pressure flow injection studies, high pressure cells for chromatography, preparative flow cells, supercritical flow cells, capillary electrophoresis flow cells and options for chemiluminescence flow cells. Sample holder options allow fluorescence measurement in test tubes and popular 10X10 mm cuvettes to allow the flow through fluorescence detector to be converted into a scanning spectrofluorometer. Three interchangeable light sources are available xenon, deuterium and xenon- mercury for optimum lamp energy during specific applications. Recent monochromator custom capabilities include a vacuum ultraviolet and near infrared optimized fluorescence detector.

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