Upgrade System for ICAP Simultaneous Spectrometers

ADaM-II Upgrade System for all (Thermo) Jarrell Ash ICAP simultaneous spectrometers; includes models with optional monochrometers. Improves D.L.'s RSD's, sample throughput, better reliability (8 year MTBF). Includes new electronics, scan/background correction optics control, individual front panel PMT gain settings, extensive application software with DOS/Windows Pentium computer, and three year warranty. Over 300 ADaM(R) upgrade systems installed worldwide on wide variety of emission spectrometers; now fully proven in extensive (4 year) field tests on Jarrell Ash ICAP models. Includes turnkey installation and on-site training; complete spectrometer repair parts and engineering service available. Other ADaM(R) upgrade systems available for many models of ICP, OE, and DCP spectrometers. Random access sample changers, solide-state R.F. generators, ultrasonic nebulizers, and unattended automation systems available for all models.

For additional information contact:
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