Reacto-StationsTM for Combinatorial Chemistry
STEM has introduced a range of affordable Reacto-StationsTM designed to help chemists and biotechnologists to easily synthesise compounds of interest. Applications include the fast expanding fields of combinatorial chemistry, organic synthesis, catalyst development and process optimization.
Parallel Synthesis
Up to 50 reactions can be performed with simultaneous heating and stirring. Advanced heating technology gives excellent stability across the reaction block while miniature stirrers under each position ensure efficient mixing even of viscous mixtures.
To minimise sample loss through evaporation during reactions, reflux modules can be fitted on top of the reaction block to cool the exposed portion of the test tubes. Sample contamination, with moisture or oxygen, can be avoided as the reflux unit is fitted with an inlet port for purging with inert gas.
Chilled Reactions
Sub-ambient reactions are often required in modern combinatorial chemistry. Unlike most alternative systems which pump cold liquids, STEM have designed a custom CFC-free refrigerated gas chiller. This is capable of reaching -30 oC as standard, or -80 oC with a specially modified version.
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