Hemispherical Directional Reflectometer
Surface Optics is proud to announce the Model SOC-100 Hemispherical Directional Reflectometer (HDR) which provides a unique capability for characterizing and exploiting the optical properties of materials. Applications include providing emittance data for thermal analysis-heat transfer, and measuring polarized reflectance data of bulk and powdered materials.
Coupled with an FTIR, the SOC-100 provides polarized, angular diffuse reflectance measurements for 10 o to 80 o incident angles, for the entire spectral region covered by the FTIR. A moveable overhead mirror captures the energy reflected at angle and directs a collimated beam into the FTIR. This measurement of the hemispherical directional reflectance is identical to the directional hemispherical reflectance.
The software provided with the SOC-100, featuring a Microsoft Windows(R) interface, drives the FTIR and controls all aspects of the data collection including project management, data archiving and report generation.
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