Unicam System Analyses Low-Pressure Lamp Gases
Modern lamp production lines can output many thousands of fluorescent tubes per hour and the operating performance of the tubes is critically dependent upon the low-pressure gas fill. Unicam Chromatography has co-operated with a leading lamp manufacturer to produce a ProGC Analyser system for the analysis of the lamp gases. The system includes a sealed lamp breaker, high-vacuum sampling system and ProGC gas chromatograph, specially engineered to sample the gases at pressure of <10 torr.
The ProGC Analyser is fitted with a thermal conductivity detector to monitor the main lamp gases, plus flame ionisation or pulsed discharge ionisation detectors to analyse impurity gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide at concentrations less than 10 ppm. The analyser is supplied as a fully engineered system, complete with columns, data station and application program. Unicam ProLink software allows the operator to input details of the sample tube and displays the calculated tube pressure and gas analysis as well as producing a certificate of analysis.
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