Scientific What if...

Dear Reader, Welcome to LABLAF - LABinternet's attempt at scientific laugh relief. Hey, it may not be the funniest site on the web, but it's not much worse than the one that our former joke editor put together...

What if milk turned into an acid when it hits your stomach?

What if Einstein owned a hair brush?

What if the marketing department of your company really understood all the technical aspects of the products they are selling?

What if when sweat touches your sock it chemically reacts to smell like roses? Would we then think that roses "stink"?

What if laughing gas really did laugh?

What if those of us in the science field were really as smart as the general population thinks we are?

What if Einstein decided to be a poet instead?

What if Einstein decided to be a cyberbum instead?

What if the number of rain forests were INCREASING at the same rate that they are DECREASING at?

What if every action had a doubly powerful opposite reaction?

What if someone scraped out the apple and filled it with helium so that it rose up instead of hitting Newton on the head?

What if the relativity twins sued for psycological damages of being separated at birth and dealing with a 75 year psuedo-age difference?

What if we knew how to spell psychological?

What if the flying twin made a dirty diaper right before take off? Would he have been wearing a dirty diaper for 75 years?

What if the twin made a dirty diaper before take-off AND sued for damages of a 75 year old diaper rash?

What if engineers set the fashion trend?

What if you forgot to bookmark LABinternet and missed out on next week's exciting LABLAF entitled "If Spiders Only Knew What We Named the Internet"?